About Uncle B

Uncle B is Brad McEntire. When his niece Kylie was very, very young, nicknames were developed that were easy to say for a baby just learning to form words. While Brad's parents got stuck with the unfortunate monikers "Mimi" and "PawPaw," Brad took an active part in making sure his nickname did not become completely ridiculous. Now he is referred to as "B" by most of the family. And that is okay by him...

This is Uncle B's first novel. He has also suffered through bouts of lingering and acute creativity in playwriting, long-form comedic improvisation, blogging, webcartooning, solo performance, painting ( he especially likes creating satirical sideshow banners) and directing for the stage. Luckily, nothing has developed into a terminal case, yet. Uncle B is also strongly afflicted with dromomania, the obsessive urge to travel. He spends most of his time creating things (including this novel) and restlessly moving around the globe. When stationary for any substantial span of time, he resides in Texas and teaches film appreciation to college students and theatre games to youngsters.

More information on Brad McEntire and his "crazy" adventures can be found at: BradMcEntire.com